Creation ‘Science’ Proves Evolution

Guess what? Seems that Creation Scientists are proving evolution, or that the very least, disproving Creation Science. Matt Walker writes,


Quote of the Day: James Mackey Atheism’s Theisms

So, despite Bacik’s praise of atheism as “profoundly moral” in itself, and unquestionably a source of “respect for others’ beliefs,

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Kentucky UMC Goes a Little Overboard

In a move that screams “we fear what we do not understand” the Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist


Getting Genesis 2:19 Right

Dr. Mariottini writes: The teacher tried to explain how the creation of man and animals in Genesis 2 fits into

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Russell Huekle, Juror, on the verdict of Casey Anthony

Russell Huekle, an alternate juror, gave three reasons for the acquittal of Casey Anthony: The prosecution “didn’t present the evidence