In the Mail? Unseen Realities: Heaven, Hell, angels and demons by R.C. Sproul

I didn’t ask for it, but somehow, I got on the mailing list of Christian Focus publishers. I appreciate the

Mental health

Explaining Casey Anthony’s Non-Empathy

Some emotionally vulnerable people can experience mania—the “high” phase of bipolar disorder, essentially the opposite of depression—in the setting of


Bibloblog Top 50 Rankings LIVE

You can find them right here. And if you need the script , get it here.


Exploring Mimesis – The New Critical Idiom, Introduction

I have a Master’s thesis due in just a few short months. I will be using a paper written for

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Casey Anthony Not Guilty

Reading some of the testimony, it is little wonder actually: After a trial that riveted the nation with its twists

Church History

Pope Joan… not a Pope?

Introduction: Last year for Christmas I received a lavishly illustrated book from my friend and colleague Patrizia Bourelli. It was


More on the Bible Authorship Software

First, interesting enough is the title: Do computers confirm – or deny – the Torah’s divinity?. Then, this article goes


The New Top 50 Script and Reference Library is (sort of) Active

Brave on the new reference library, Steve. Also, the new categorized list. And the new Script looks awesome – except