Religion and Politics

Depravity: 5-Year-Old’s hands burned for Touching Bible

A 25-year-old Arizona man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of child abuse after allegedly burning his 5-year-old son’s hand because

Society and Religion

Daughters oust Schuller from Crystal Cathedral board

How rather fitting: Robert H. Schuller has been at odds with his daughters over how they have chosen to run

Religion and Politics

Too much of a good thing? On Patriotism and Nationalism

First, I think he forgets a very basic principle. The lethality of every poison is in the dosage. As a


Willimon on the Political Victory of the Cross

This may be difficult for some to hear, but the Northern Alabama Bishop writes that these man-made principalities are nothing


David A. deSilva on Bibleworks 9

Found this on the Bibleworks Facebook page: BW9 takes a giant leap forward in terms of opening up the world

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