Something on Von Balthasar

The is from Anne M. Carpenter, a doctoral student at Marquette University, “Redeeming Hans Urs von Balthasar”: No, there is


Hymns for the Medieval Office of Corpus Christi

This is just one of them, but at the link below, you can find a little history and the rest:

Religion and Politics

Ayn Rand Led him to Christ

Bishop Edward S. Little II is the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana. Ayn Rand changed my life.

Christian Education

Why Theological Education?

He has a lot of reasons but this is interesting: 2. Why do we need theological education? a) for the


Glenn as a new Mission Statement

Glenn has a mission statement, which in part reads: Thirdly, to challenge fellow Christians to be genuinely self critical in


A Catholic is Opinionated about me

However why no argument pro or con from Tradition? Well first the classic Protestant argument against supposed “man made” traditions

Old Testament

Thanks John Knox: Don’t vote for Sarah Palin,Michelle Bachmann, or Hillary Clinton

Where do we get the idea that women shouldn’t be in public office? Some say the Bible. How about Protestant

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Thomas Verenna drowns Ken Ham’s encounter with the Ark

While I don’t agree with Tom on everything – he should be blue, just saying – I would agree with