Does God like you – I know he likes me.

Last Sunday night I had the privelidge of preaching on Luke 15-17 and narrowing it down on the story of the

Society and Religion

6th Century Image of the Apostle Paul Found.

The restoration of a tomb in the catacombs of St. Gennaro in Naples, revealed a new discovery. The image of


Willimon on Salvation as a Theological Narrative, not Anthropological

A commentator noted a few of these posts ago that Willimon liked Narrative Theology. I am not always a fan


John Calvin on Habakkuk’s Questioning of God to God about God

1.1 – What the Prophet understood by the word asm, mesha, has been elsewhere stated. Habakkuk then reproves here his


God Wins: Chapter 1 – No Questions.

Before you read this reflection on Chapter 1, you can actually read the chapter here. As I noted in a


God Wins – Chapter 1 – Rodney’s view

The fact is is that Galli is not writing this book out of pastoral concerns, but from a journalist’s perspective,

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W S Gilbert on Methodists

Gilbert and Sullivan poked gentle fun at topics and institutions of the day, including Methodists in “The Gondoliers”: Duke: Consider