Vatican II’s Message to the Poor, the Sick, and the Suffering

Vatican Council II Message to the Poor, the Sick, and the Suffering (trans. Walter Abbott; ©America press,1966) “He took away

Religion and Politics

Quote of the Day: The Cult of Desire

The United States, locked in the kind of twilight disconnect that grips dying empires, is a country entranced by illusions.


Willimon on the Right Jesus and the right Intersection between God and Humanity

As I noted earlier today, I have taken issue in the past with those who confuse the Isa of Islam


The Litany of Humility

I find it difficult today to engage with anyone who ‘has all the facts’ or has the uncanny ability to


Does the Eucharist free us from egocentrism?

In the Eucharist, the Pope continued, we are “freed from egocentrism.” Through the sacrament, the faithful are united to their


The Bible as a Political Book?

So, let me put it this way, when others tell us not to participate in politics, they are expressing a

Old Testament

God (Doesn’t) Win?: 2nd Kings 3:27

If I was a Classical Theist, who believed in the traditional (let’s face it, imperial notions) of divine omnipotence and