What if the Historical Adam was Real? A New Approach

Reading this post, which in part reads, In Genesis 2:15, God “took the man and put him into the garden

John Wesley

Abraham declares Wesleyan Theology Dead

In a comment today, John Poirier notes something which Abraham had said. I found this article similar to the report,


Who I saw at Church on Sunday

We had a baptism at church on Sunday. We’ve had those before. But this time, what struck me was the

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Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Choo

Another excerpt from the Choo Thomas’ guided tour of Heaven. “ ‘My daughter, you are an End-Times prophetess,’ the Lord

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John XXIII on the prophets of doom

The gloom and doom of the likes of Harold Camping is nothing new, as John XXIII advised. “In the daily