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Southern Baptists Call for Legal Status Pathway for Immigrants

Messengers have adopted a much-debated revolution on immigration that asks “our governing authorities to implement, with the borders secured, a

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An Open Letter to Young Earth Creationists, Inerrantists and other -ists

Dear Young Earth Creationists, Inerrantists and other -ists, You and I may disagree, but when we do so, please refrain


What are your False fundamentals?

I am convinced that what drives most people away from Christianity is not the cost of discipleship but rather the

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Our old family dog Sooty …

… I’ll meet him again when I get to Heaven. According to today’s excerpt from “Heaven is so real” by

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The sermon is like a photograph…

A few months ago my wife and I purchased a new camera…Cannon 600 D or for my American friends a