Even the Bible doesn’t talk about Adam

Well… not in the way in which we normally assume. David Lamb has a post up which explores a few


Tim Keller, ANE Myths, τύπος, and the Mythological Adam

Tim Keller – THE GOSPEL COALITION – supports the allowance of science to teach about God’s Creation. Further, he understands


Benedict on the Staleness of our Pentecost

A tongue of fire has been added to being human. We must now correct this expression. Fire is never something


Willimon’s Choice

I keep coming back to this line: All of our lives are lived in the light of a prior choice


The end of the celibate priesthood?

The ‘A Reluctant Sinner’ Blog has an insightful post on celibacy in the Catholic priesthood and a suggestion that Benedict

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Photoshopping the Dalai Lama

Rupert Murdoch’s Australian newspapers published this digitally altered image on the weekend. Funny? I don’t think it is.