Urantia, reincarnation and resurrection.

Well, because I know you all are just dying to hear more from the great scholars of the Fifth Epochal

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Talking to Mary

I was chatting to a friend at church, and she told me she prayed to Mary. I was initially taken

Book of Jubilees

A Jubilant Adam – The Mythical Man in the Book of Jubilees

Jason is going to look at Adam in the Apocrypha (which one?) but I thought that I might give a


Karl Giberson on Optional Facts for Christians

This kind of critical thinking about sources and expertise is essential in navigating the complexity of our modern scientific world


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Is McGrath being fair or a monotheist?

In a subject likely to cause some heartache, the professor has decided to resurrect the controversy known as ‘Was Paul


Perhaps the Greatest News to Hit Biblioblogging in a Long Time

Or maybe theoblogging although I don’t see the difference since to make good theology, in my opinion, requires biblical scholarship….


Review: Retrieving Doctrine: Essays in Reformed Theology

In one of the most intellectually stimulating books on doctrine in a very long time, Oliver Crisp, theologian and lecturer