Society and Religion

Noah: The Movie – An Environmental Apocalyptic?

“ first environmentalist. first person to plant vineyards, drink wine and get drunk. I was stunned going back and realizing


Something a little different – Merton: From Jazz to Chant

Fr. Jeremy King is in a group which recently performed something a little different. I met Fr. Jeremy at St.


Early Rabbinic Texts Online

At present this site contains only early Halakhic traditions, but I am planning to add early Agadic traditions. The membership

Society and Religion

Methodists and the Inclusiveness which leads to Conservatism

I thought that this was an interesting article – By some measures, the United Methodist Church is becoming more theologically

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No condemnation

Last week I posted a comment from Leon Fontaine where he said: If you don’t tithe you’re a coward. Fontaine


More on Infallibility and the Mythological Adam

Begin with this post here. Jason has replied here. I understand that is post is perhaps clarifying his position more