God’s Spirit

Fear robs us of power, love and sound mind – This is why God has given us his Spirit which


Infallibility and the Mythological Adam

You need to examine four posts before we proceed. Jason’s first post. My First Response. Albeit not a response as

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Why This Baptist Thinks that Rick Warren Could Learn From Catholic Elizabeth Johnson

The other day, Joel posted on Rick Warren basically submitting himself to an Inquisition by that Torquemada himself Piper. I


Jesus Creed on The Search for the Historical Adam

This is in response to the article currently making the rounds… I am not convinced, though, that the editors at


A few words on Interpretation and Rhetoric in regards to Creationism

First, To recognize our emotional drives, to be aware of their force in directing or even methodizing our thought, to

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Quintilian on the Duty of the Student of Rhetoric

Nor is it sufficient to have read the poets only; every kind of writer must be carefully studied, not merely

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Cicero on the Goal of the Rhetorician

kindle the feelings of his hearers, or quench them when kindled . . . it is in this that the


A Simple Definition of Myth

The first post of the day – “A myth, in its simplest definition, is a story with a meaning attached