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Where Will the Anti-Catholicism of Jim and Jeremiah End?

Jim cites Jeremiah approvingly as saying: Can you really call yourself #1 when it takes half a dozen people and


Quick Thoughts on Retrieving Doctrine – Oliver D. Crisp

I’ve picked this week to read two very engaging, very heady books. One of those is by Oliver Crisp. These


Who is Christian, really?

Christian ‘blogs’ here…. but who is he, really? Nah… he’s actually a good guy and one worthy of reading.


What is the ‘root of fundamentalism’?

I think many of us have been saying the same thing for a while…. I’ve seen conversion to fundamentalism when

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Since Jim is no longer #1… (Poll)

Jim has begun to reach out for comfort and friendship during this dark time of the world being turned upside


Is Willimon a heretic? Creation Ex Nihilo

We are reading this book for our Sunday School class. I’ve gotten to the fourth page so far and already,

Religion and Politics

Which Children Are Worth the Least?

Some seem to think that it is the Palestinian children – and they are using American words to do so

Religion and Politics

The Crusades as a Counter-Invasion?

Haven’t really looked at this way, but a new book suggests that we reverse our normal way of thinking about