Hebrew Bible for Kindle – Contents

This is the second post in a series on the new Hebrew Bible for Kindle (or Nook) from Miklal Software


Review: Clouds of Witnesses: Christian Voices from Africa and Asia @ivpress

Many thanks to Adrianna W. at IVPress for this review copy, and indeed, the work she does for us bloggers.

Religion and Politics

What Universal Reconciliation Might Look Like

HT I don’t know if I could agree to that… You? If this was how it really was, would you


Quote of the Day – The Attraction to fundamentalism

“Quite a few people are attracted to fundamentalist groups of all stripes because many people don’t like to live with


Are you a monotheist or a henotheist?

Pastor Bob has a post up in response to something Miroslav Volf said. Read it here: Ponderings on a Faith


Catholic Church: Limits on receiving Communion

I commented elsewhere on this blog that, at times three years ago, I was going to Mass and consquently receiving Communion