Old Testament Theology (vol 1.) – One Thing That Doesn’t Work

This will be the final installment in my review of Old Testament Theology (vol. 1) from IVP Academic.  You can


Does Fundamentalism need redefined? Can it?

I’m not sure if Phelps and others would like this guy messing with their Jesus: ….By the end of his


Now that I am a Methodist, I’m going to out live you Pentecostals

I disagree with the conclusions of the ‘why’, as I note that Catholics aren’t exactly a marginalized minority. If was


Early Christian Interpretation of 1 Peter 3.18-4.6

Hermes was connected to church at Rome, or at least Tradition tells us this. In this, he would have no


Mark 9.38-41- For an Open Table at Communion?

The Eucharist Table at the United Methodist Church is an open table, meaning that those who wish to partake may