John Wesley

John Wesley for Today – Reason, reasonably considered

It is the true remark of an eminent man, who had made many observations on human nature, “If reason be


James is right – Jeremiah was a Deuteronomist

James has a quote and then writes, Oh, I like that! It sounds like Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Imagine finding it

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Surprised by a Kyrie Eleison

The local college station here has retro hour around lunch time.  Today the played Mister, Mister’s “Kyrie”; the tune sounded

New Testament

Is The Gospel of Luke Geared Toward Only the Rich?

First, in Luke 1:1-4, Mosala suggests that the intended audience is a dead giveaway at the outset. “Theophilus, his excellency”


Was Cain Right In Killing Abel?: A New Reading of Genesis 4

As far as I can remember, my mother was the first one to teach my brother and I about the

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Pope Benedict: Progressive Traditionalist (just like Jesus)?

Eric Sammons has written an interesting post on Pope Benedict XVI in which he calls the pope a “Progressive Traditionalist”: