What if all those prayers were pointless?

Of course they aren’t pointless, but what if… I heard the song today – though I’d share. Lyrics: We pray


Goldingay’s Old Testament Theology – Not Pulling Any Punches

I have written two previous posts giving some background for Goldingay’s Old Testament Theology (vol. 1) from IVP Academic.  In


Reflecting on Psalm 119

Yesterday evening, I was reading ahead in the lectionary, and the responsive reading came from Psalm 119:23-24, 26-27, 29-30. This


I have been building a shed.

I have been building a shed. It’s not just any ordinary shed though. It’s my shed! I just wanted you

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Falling asleep during sermons

Over the years I have nodded off during many tedious sermons. One of my sisters would often elbow me to