Every person, without exception, REDEEMED! – John Paul II

This man is the way for the Church – a way that, in a sense, is the basis of all


Clearly teaches? Plain Sense?

Well, at least I feel like we have the author of Matthew’s Gospel on our side: There he made his


“Catholics abandon sola scriptura in favor of tradition”?

I think not. Catholics don’t abandon Sola Scriptura.  In order to abandon a doctrine, we would have needed to hold


Paradoxes of Faith – Contents

This is the second installment in a series of posts on Paradoxes of Faith by Henri de Lubac published by


“Simple Church” or “Me Church?”

I think anyone having anything to do with the fields of religion or theology should be reading the religion section


Gk. Comm. on Revelation (Ancient Christian Texts) – Οικουμένιος

I wish to thank IVP-Academic for sending along this review copy – Just a little introduction to the authors of


Review: The Language of Science and Faith

In this book, the authors, Francis S. Collins and Karl W. Giberson, lay the foundation for Biologos and the scientific

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Interview with Andrew Byers (audio, not mine)

Listen is as C.E. Moore talks with Andrew Byers about his new book, “Faith Without Illusions: Following Jesus as a