Some about those Women…

Glenn Peoples responds to Jew Lowder and tells us a little something else… Jew Lowder of is unmoved by

Society and Religion

Are Evangelicals Losing the Argument of the Cross?

IN a disturbing new finding, it has been found that many born-again Christians have universalist ideas when it comes to


Gravity is hanging by a thread

This possible explanation for dark energy results from applying a new “framework” for looking at the evolution of the universe


If Love Wins, Does Justice Lose?

A commenter recently remarked, “Rather than “love,” this seems more like “making distinctions among yourselves” – a practice upon which

Society and Religion

Rediscovering the Cairo Geniza

This is the book: The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza by Adina Hoffman, Peter Cole This is


Sunday’s Coming

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The Sanctus by Karl Jenkins

Our choir was better…. just sayin… But this was part of what we were able to enjoy tonight.


Textual Representations of Almsgiving in Late Anglo-Saxon England

This thesis is a study of the textual representations of almsgiving in the homiletic and documentary sources of late Anglo-Saxon