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The Cross

The Cross, it’s not a religious symbol, it’s the power of Salvation. This was said towards the end of the

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Free Will and Moral Accountability

Imagine that tomorrow’s newspaper comes with a surprising headline: ‘Scientists Discover that Human Behavior is Entirely Determined.’ Reading through the


McKnight on Mohler on The Language of Science and Faith

Here we see a real problem. Giberson and Collins did not say that only a dead and lifeless text can

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Does God define Love or does Love define God?

Rob Bell states in his book “]]” the following: “Although God is powerful and mighty, when it comes to the


Deuteronomy – Israel as a Vassal State to YHWH

Try to remember that this is only based on Weinfeld’s study and is for my class on Deuteronomy. Weinfeld’s study


Benedict XVI on the Washing of the Feet

In my church parish, we celebrate Jesus washing the disciples feet at mass on Holy Thursday, as many other parishes