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News about my dissertation

But, you’ll have to go HERE to see it because that is where I met quite a number of you


Holy Week 2011 – My Son at Communion

We are having a daily communion service at our local congregation this week, in celebration of Holy Week. Today, my


Scratchpad: Romans 13.1-7 through the lens of the Kairos Document

This is another classwork assignment. It is meant to be short and sweet and too the point. I find that


Some Theological Resources on The Letter to the Romans

These are just some of the examples: Introduction to the Letter to the Romans From the New American Bible Romans


Closing Thoughts on The Language of Science and Faith

The final chapter in this book tells a modern Creation story, serving as a summary to the entirety of the


1 Peter 3.7 – A Turnabout Theme

What is easily recognized is that 1st Peter is a letter written to those who were being persecuted. Although scholars

Religion and Politics

Romans 13.1-7, c. 1985 – South Africa

The Kairos Document was signed in the mid-1980’s in South Africa. It was a response to the idea being proposed