Bible Translation

Some Insight into the NAB – Revised

The NAB is actually a good translation, and the margin notes very, very important for scholarly study. John from the


Brief, Exegetical, Thoughts on 1 Peter 2.1-10

This is a classwork assignment. Rough draft, moving on… _______ Where does this passage occur in the structure of the


In the Mail: Will Love Win Me Over Edition

I can almost hear the ‘dum…dum…dum’ HarperOne sent along a copy of Rob Bell’s latest version of heresy… or is


Quote of the Day: Oliver Kamm on Dawkins’s Polemics

The secularist argument for having no religious test for public office is not the same as the argument for atheism.


Liturgy in John’s Gospel

In reading the the Gospel of John, I find that several interactions between Christ and the other people in the