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Video of Pope Benedict’s Ordination

This video has been making its rounds through some Catholic folks on my twitter feed. So, I thought I’d share


Say, how about another argumentum ad ignorantiam

The related article details that only about 1.7% of the U.S. population is homosexual. Um….  I would hope that someone


Augustine on Moses’ Motherly Prayer

I was doing a bit of reading for the blog that I write for my church parish.  And, for today’s


Scratchpad: Parting of the Ways: Gentiles as Proof

This is a very old post, a very old thought process – and it has been sitting in my draft


Philosophical Thoughts on the Language of Science and Faith

This chapter, Can Scientific and Scriptural Truth Be Reconciled, may be a difficult one for some to grasp. You have

Society and Religion

What is God’s Vision for the UMC?

I am not commenting on this, because I have only been a member of a local UMC church since August


Was Purgatory the First Doctrine?

By now, most of you realize that doctrine has progressed. I mean, you have the Trinity, you have the office