Discussing Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Learning

I have entered into a discussion of Biblical Hebrew vocabulary learning that has been taking place on a couple of


Is this your Christianity?

From here: On Tuesday 5th April 2011, @homunculusloikm said: @BibleAlsoSays In case you missed this, I wrote it in part


Awesome Quote of the Morning – Trinity, Revelation, Mystery, Sola Scriptura

From here: You blur the lines by talking about “THE CHURCH” in equal status with the Bible. Sola Scriptura is


Pre-Exegetical Thoughts on 1st Peter 2.1-10

We have another paper due at the end of the semester. I will be working on 1st Peter 2.1-10. The


Thoughts on the Church’s Mission in Acts

The question was to pick a section from Acts and write how it tells about the mission of the Church.


Is it me, or is Revelation the most beautiful of the New Testament books?

We are currently studying the Book of Revelation in our Disciple Three class at the local Church. For me, as


On Young Earth Creationists as Theological Liberals

]] has a pretty good piece up, which in part reads, From the vantage point of my tradition, I am


In the Mail: Cynical Edition

Thanks to Adrianna for sending along this copy. I will be giving one away, when I post a review. Call