Exegesis Mark 5.1-20 – Part 3 – Josephus and Mark, Dueling Propagandists

The History of Vespasian and Simon bar Giora according to Josephus According to Josephus, the soon-to-be Roman Emperor advanced on


Exegesis of Mark 5.1-20 – Part 2 – Kennedy in View

Examination of the Period’s Trend of Literary Rhetoric In a chapter devoted to literary rhetoric in George Kennedy’s classical treatment


Exegesis of Mark 5.1-20 – Part 1 – Winn’s Purpose as Backdrop

The next three posts will be in a series. It is the rough draft, well you know, of my exegesis


Does the Deuteronomic Sabbath Shatter the YEC argument?

What doesn’t… but I digress too quickly. The most sacred of the Mosaic Laws are the Ten Commandments. I don’t


Biblical Worldly thoughts on Love Wins

I do want to mention one important disclaimer. What I do over the next few days is not intended to

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Benedict XVI on WYD

The encounter with the World Youth Day Cross, which is touched and carried, becomes an interior encounter with the One