Not making too much sense there Rob

Under the title of there is no such publicity as “bad publicity,” I bought Rob Bell’s book Love Wins. On

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Book Announcement: Thriving at College

Thought this might be of interest to some of you… Read inside (PDFs): Sample Pages Alex Chediak on Thriving at


Essays on John and Hebrews – Contents

This is a continuation of my review of Essays on John and Hebrews by Harold Attridge and published by Mohr


Following up on Isaiah 65.1-7 and Mark 5.1-20

As we turn to the exegesis of Mark 5.1-20, which I have already weighted heavily with the idea that Mark

John Chrysostom

Chrysostom on the Idea of Ghosts & Wandering Spirits

As I was looking for information on evil spirits meant to wander the earth for all time as violent apparitions,

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Book Announcement: In Pursuit of Meaning by Baruch A. Levine

Thought this might interest a few of you: In Pursuit of Meaning Collected Studies of Baruch A. Levine by Baruch