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At first the Romans thought Jesus was accused of being the King Kong of the Jews

That is the caption with which I won Daniel Kirk’s most recent photo caption contest.  You really do need to

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If you see a Catholic eating meat today …

leave them alone.  Today is actually a solemnity and the normal rules concerning fasting from meat during Lent do not


Essays on John & Hebrews by Harold Attridge – “In the mail”

Well, technically this wasn’t “in the mail” because Joel is visiting Louisiana and gave this to me in person.  But,


For John Piper, God’s Wrath Really Isn’t Satisfied

The Good News of Jesus Christ is that God has been born into the world, in the flesh, dwelt among


Scratchpad: Brief Examination of Rhetoric around the time of Mark’s Gospel

This is a small section of my paper. Please feel free to help out. In George Kennedy’s classical treatment of

Christian Education

Humility & Skepticold

Braille is a Christian rap artist. I enjoy his message.