Creation and Science

I’ve been reading a small book put out by a New Zealand Christian organisation called “In the beginning – Creation


The Testament of Solomon 17 and Mark 5.1-20

Just some quick work on my exegesis of Mark 5.1-20. I sorta think that maybe v1-13 is the story and

Old Testament

Commentary on 1 Chronicles 1

I’ve been listening to my New American Bible audio version on my commute back and forth to  adjuncting here lately. 


First thoughts on The Language of Science and Faith

First, let me say thanks to Adrianna for sending me this book. One of the best all-around Christian publishing houses


The End of Cowardice, or, Do you have the faith of the Centurion?

Originally, I was going to play the role of the coward on this post, but after this week I don’t


Haber’s Touch of Mark 5.24-34

I have chosen a selection by Susan Haber regarding Mark 5.24-34 for examination for two reasons. First, it may be