Religion and Politics

The Tale of Two Citizens – Is Christian Correct?

One the greatest and worst travesties of a change to the Constitution is the 14th amendment. In it, it applied


He took our punishment – an example.

Today was a messy day, in more ways than one. The day began with the normal checking of emails and

Religion and Politics

Class Warfare is a Myth, or….

Okay, here’s the thing, I have nothing I can add, but I’m sure you will. Commence! ht. Related articles Dems/Libs


The Reformed are Catholic – Or, I hardly knew you Dr. Kirk!

How dare anyone say… First, there is the conservative expression of Reformed Theology that is spreading like wildfire these days.

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A Bible Study, 1 John, on Facebook

If you are on Facebook, you might participate – even to ask questions and the such. Next week, we’re going