Church Government

A Total New Beginning… A reversal of the curse.

I posted a new article titled “Really …women can’t teach men – is in the Bible” In it I made the


I don’t believe in Loftus’ god either

The title of John’s post is, Devastating Tsunami Hits Japan. You Want Evidence There Isn’t a Good Omnipotent God? Here


Forging an Unholy Alliance

Well, you are hearing it here first.  Joel has officially lured me in with the temptation of his uncanny knack


A passage I like from the TNIV – Joel 2:12-17

This was part of the liturgy the other day, and well, I really liked it! “Even now,” declares the LORD,


More with μίμησις

During the Silver Age of Latin literature, which was occurring around the time that the Gospels were being written, the


μίμησις – Lucan’s Pharsalia and the inversion of Virgil’s Aeneid

I am finding a few things dealing with μίμησις around the time of the Gospel writers. One of those things


Providentissimus Deus and the Interpretation of Scripture

Picking up and most likely finishing this short idea on how to interpret Scripture. This comes from from, Pope Leo