New Testament

Jacob I loved; but Esau I hated!

Romans 9 contains a passage about God hating Esau; but loving Jacob  The question in regards to God hating and


Evening Thought – When King Jesus Comes Again, He’ll be King Over all

When King Jesus comes to live with us again He will show His righteous love to every man Wars and


More of the Hell of Rob Bell

Mark Galli has a post up at Christianity Today about the recent controversy with Rob Bell and Hell. A great


Zwingli, Reformation Preaching, Genealogy in Matthew and the Catholic Church

I am currently reading this book for my NT class (one of several books, actually). We are discussing Matthew at


Matthew 16.19 – What’s it about?

This week’s question was in relation to Matthew 16.19 and how it should be taught: δώσω σοι τὰς κλεῖδας τῆς


Scratchpad: Key Words in Mark 5:1-17 – Suggestions?

The assignment this week was to look at key words in our selected passage and how they were used in