I am a catholic Christian

Let me preface this by stating that I like Hayton and the others of his circle who are blogging on


Pope Paul VI – The Salt of Repentance

Following the Master, every Christian must renounce himself, take up his own cross and participate in the sufferings of Christ


Does the NLT get it right in Jeremiah 31.35-37? Even Rodney agrees…

While doing the work up on this for my OT class, I noticed something which again reminds me of why


God Wouldn’t Have Circumvented Natural Laws in Creation – Jeremiah 31.35-36

One of the common explanations of the miraculous Creation, as many understand Genesis 1 to mean, is that God ignored

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Did Mary influence the mission of Jesus

I used to wonder if Jesus had always known he was God or did he come to know he was.