Book Announcement: The Language of Science and Faith Straight Answers to Genuine Questions

Intervarsity Press is constantly producing material for the modern Christian audience with one foot in the past and one in


Calvin on Romans 13

The reason why we ought to be subject to magistrates is, because they are constituted by God’s ordination. For since


Questioning Christianity – Guest Post

In response to a post from this morning, a friend sent this along… Questioning Christianity “The key to wisdom is


Final Thoughts on From Every People and Nation

Concluding thoughts on this book. Next week, in NT class, we start on the Gospels… While I believe that John


On Truthful Pastors

Maybe you are a pastor who has never experienced doubt, or questioned anything about what you are teaching. Maybe you


The history of biblical literalism?

Maybe the Brits don’t understand American Biblical literalism – If you read the Bible asking: “What was St Paul saying


You can’t experience “Peace” if you are not Content!

I am increasingly observing the lack of contentment within Christian circles. There is striving to do better. Striving for more