Quick Thoughts on Revelation 19:11-21 and 20:1-6

Each week, the professor posts a question submitted by a student. This was really good! These are only quick questions


Books I’m using to study Revelation

Our first three weeks in New Testament 1 has been spent studying the Book of Revelation. (dum dum dum…)  Thought

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In this episode of ER, a patient stricken with cancer is asking the hospital chaplain, who has an ‘inclusive approach


African, Coptic, Ethiopian Theology

For those of you who may be interested, or needing a different viewpoint for your upcoming New Testament Exegesis paper(s),

Christian Education

Scratchpad: What are you going to do with the degree?

Most of you are either training for pastorates or working in pastorates already. Gaining a master’s degree and serving as