Society and Religion

Frank Houston on being Pentecostal

We hold the main tenets of faith in God and believe speaking in tongues is a supernatural gift of God.


Robert P. Jones – Science, Religion and Progress

But will Obama’s call to renewed public investment in scientific research and technology run aground in the choppy seas of

Religion and Politics

Happy Birthday, Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Today, had Hitler not executed him, Bonhoeffer would have still been dead, but more than likely, roundly celebrated on his

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The Rise of the Israelite Monarchy, Rachel, and the Garden of Eden

The question? Discuss the issues surrounding Israel’s move to having a human king as their ruler. What role, if any,

Religion and Politics

Vatican II on Religious Liberty – Witnesses to the truth

This is part of the daily readings provided by Daily Gospel. Vatican Council II Declaration on religious liberty, 11 ____________