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Quote of the Day: Mohamed ElBaradei

“I am pretty sure that any freely and fairly elected government in Egypt will be a moderate one, but America

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Statement of Faith

I’m in the process of applying for a new job (long story, maybe I’ll explain later.)  Anyways, one job I’m


Christus Victor in Hippolytus?

Image via Wikipedia As part of Hippolytus’ liturgy, which included the Eucharist, he displays an image of atonement which I

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More Subjective Hermeneutic

Image via Wikipedia The British did it. Americans do it. ALL.THE.TIME. And now? For some south Sudanese Christians, their opportunity


An Unknown “Apocryphal” Text From the White Monastery?

Found this interesting – thought I might share – Alin Suciu.. ….recently edited together with Einar Thomassen a parchment folio