Universalism and predestination? Two heads, one coin?

Over at John Meunier’s Blog, he has a post up casting Universalism and Predestination in the same light. (Read the

Society and Religion

The Coming End of the Anglican Communion?

Things are getting nasty in merry olde England! When the Primates of the Anglican Communion meet next month in Dublin,

Gender Issues

The Moral Decline of Israel in Judges

Image via Wikipedia This is a rough draft of a response paper required in OT class. It deals with how


More Questions than Answers in Mosaic Authorship of Genesis

Image via Wikipedia Peter Enns has written an essay, and points to the questions which we must ask if we


Thoughts on The Gifts of the Small Church

At the risk of sounding too cynical or even too pompous, I must admit that Byassee’s book showed a very