Flow Chart for Biblical Date Laws as found in Deuteronomy

Not sure if this has made the rounds or not, but a friend of mine sent it in.


The Question of Infant Baptism: Zwingli’s View

Image by wallyg via Flickr “Children born of believing parents are children of God, like those who were born under

John Wesley

More with Meister Eckhart

Image via Wikipedia I am studying some of the medieval mystics in the West, and one which keeps coming to


D.M. Baillie – The Need to Study the Historical Jesus

Recently, I found Baillie’s monumental book on Christology and while flipping through it, I’ve found several interesting quotes that I


Infant Baptism in the Church Fathers

Image via Wikipedia These quotes are from two sources (here and here) Polycarp “Polycarp declared, ‘Eighty and six years have