Reflections on Thom Stark’s The Human Faces of God – Part 1

I want to spend some time on this book, namely because there are some books which simply demand more than


Quote of the Day: Diversity Beyond Fundamentalism

I myself was once subject to the parochialism of Evangelical fundamentalism, but have since discovered, by the grace of God,


Thoughts on War in the Bible and Terrorism in the 21st Century, Essay 1 – Christianity and Violence

I wanted to spend some time going through the eight essays of this book, as I find that this issue

Religion and Politics

Richard T. Hughes takes on The Christian Right in Context

Image via Wikipedia I’m simply not going to post every article that he writes in this series, although admittedly, ]]

Religion and Politics

Miloslav Volf – Jehovah on Trial: Should we kill monotheism?

Image via Wikipedia While reading this book (which I will be posting on later), the first author mentioned that this