The Rediscovered Country: Ishmael and Isaac… pt 2

Dr. Heard is continuing his education of me concerning the issue of Ishmael and his mocking of Isaac… The other


For the last time, the NLT is NOT a paraphrase

Image via Wikipedia In several of my church class books which are published by Abingdon (note to Tyndale, please connect

Bible Translation

Bill Mounce: The pros and cons of a Study Bible

For me, I like the non-doctrinal Study Bibles, such as the NLT. I have two posts in mind about their

Church History

Peter Abelard on Justification as God’s Love and Redemption

This is from ]]’s, ]]: It seems to us that we have been justified by the blood of Christ and


Question of the Day: Justification

I ain’t telling you mine, but what is yours? How do you describe Justification? And for those of you who