Society and Religion

Left a publisher out – LifeWay and Thom Rainer

As I mentioned this morning, there are certain publishing companies which are actively pursuing an interaction with their customers. Another

Society and Religion

Another Reason to Like Tyndale Publishers – Tori Farquhar

Yes, I know – another Tyndale post… But still, when you think about, what are the charges against bible publishers?


Interaction: God, Science, Sex, Gender – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Christian Ethics (1)

This will be a continuing dialogue as I read through this book. In what is bound to elicit heated arguments

Church History

Eusebian Canon – Revelation Almost Didn’t Make it…

I’m on a kick about the book of Revelation – It almost didn’t make it, which explains why (first) so


What about that Church Music…

This is a timely post, at least for myself, because yesterday, I found myself talking to a friend about this