Question of the Day: Is Any Religion Valuable?

See this post…and this post…. Is religion valuable to humanity? Think abstract, and not just the Christian religion. But, does

John Wesley

Exploring the The Wesleyan Quadrilateral

I first encountered the Quadrilateral when I was a Community Organizer hosting a few seminarians for Seminary Summer. One was

Church History

Was there always an orthodoxy?

Dr. Sara Parvis is a scholar of a theological hero of mine, Marcellus of Ancrya (some day, I’ll get that

Dead Sea Scrolls

More on Dr. Cargill’s NatGeo program, Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls

The moving moment is captured in an hour-long exploration of new research on the Dead Sea Scrolls that will air


Atheism and Humanist Values

There is nothing inherently “humanistic” about atheism, and some forms of militant atheism–the outwardly obnoxious, deliberately offensive kind now primarily