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Richard T. Hughes: Where are you at, Christian?

If you remember, a while ago I was able to review Hughes’ newest book and interview him. He has taken


Gipp, Irenaeus, and The Septuagint

Jason is taking on the argument made by many KJVO’ers, that the Greek Old Testament didn’t really exist: When one


Jewish Views of Gehenna/Gehinnom

I am a proponent of trying to understand, at the very least, the Gospels in light of their Jewishness. When


The King James Version has made the Greek Obsolete

In this post, I just found out that a KJVO Bible college has just made it public that they will


The Great Lies of KJVO

Some of the greatest lies told by the KJVO movement, promulgated by Ruckman and Riplinger, are those about Westcott and


Barth on Theological Adversaries

I sincerely believe that my theological world has been made the better from engaging with theologians, professors, books, blogs, and