Society and Religion

Smarter than the Passion of the Christ – The Son of Man

That’s how it is described, anyway. I am interested in how other cultures depict the narrative of Christ which helps


Quote of the Day: Studying the Spirit

I start with the premise that the Holy Spirit of God was sent to be experienced more than studied… –

Society and Religion

The Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship

For all of those who are T.F. Torrance fans, there is now a theological fellowship: The Thomas F. Torrance Theological


Reflection: The Indelible Image – Jesus, the Alpha and Omega of NT Thought

Moving into the first chapter of the volume, a substantial chapter in a very substantial volume, Witherington begins to examine

Bible Translation

Who is the Prince of Peace?

Dr. Joel Hoffman, author a new book on translation the bible, as responded to a question posed on his About


It’s Jesus who obeys Mary

So I was told.