What is the Point of the Gospel – Matt Chandler

A commentator pointed me to this:

Society and Religion

The Gospel of Mark is just a fake

No, not that Gospel of Mark, but the Manuscript which is owned by the University of Chicago:


Robert J. Wilson: Remember the Holiness of the Season

This was originally published on Thursday, Dec. 23. 1993 in the Baton Rouge Advocate by an old high School friend


Review: Jewish World Around the New Testament: Collected Essays I

Note, you can pre-order a copy here. ‘The NT Student and scholar must use the Jewish literature int he first


Christians are Cowards

Sometimes, you just have to walk away and go on… Do all that you can to live in peace with


A Year in Retrospect (Not My Year, but just as Good)

Jason runs an excellent blog, and while we may not always see eye to eye on everything – like me