Books Mentioned and Used, But Not Found, In The Bible

One of the things we must deal with concerning Textual Criticism is that God has inspired books currently not found

Church History

Christianity Hymnody – Old School Style

It’s making it’s round (and glad to see Michael blogging more), so I thought I might share:

John Chrysostom

The Chrysostom Bible

Thought this might interest some of you who consider Patristics a valuable tool:


Nueva Traducción Viviente – New Spanish NLT

This is probably the only bible that I will not ask to review for Tyndale. I am sure it will


John Howard Yoder: A Radical Christian?

“We are not talking about ‘the authority of tradition’ as if tradition were a settled reality and we were then

Religion and Politics

Plato and America’s Civil Religion

The West owes so much, whether good or bad, to Plato. Along with Justin Martyr’s Trinity, along with Clement of

Christian Education

Welcome to Kids’ Greek

If you are looking for resources to help teach your child New Testament Greek, this might help: We are excited