Orthodox Chancellor Blasts Liberals, Anglican Dean Upholds Faith

Before anyone misunderstands, the ‘Liberals’ are those of liberal theology, Speaking at the afternoon session of “In the Footsteps of


Christian Marriage as Nonviolent Sacrament?

Take the time to read Rod’s post, but here, here is wisdom:


NLT Mosaic Blg Tour 10/14 – The Internetmonk

I’m very happy to have Keith Williams, one of the editors of the “Mosaic” Bible (NLT) that I’ve recently promoted

Church History

How long was the Ministry of Christ?

Mark Goodacre has a podcast that should make the believer think – where did we get that magical number that

Society and Religion

The Re-Definition of Marriage: A View From Africa

This is an article from J. Lee Grady – the link is at the bottom to read the rest

Society and Religion

Unification Church head marries 20,000 in mass wedding

The founder of the Unification Church, Sun Myung Moon, held his first mass wedding ceremony in years on Wednesday, blessing

Bible Translation

Examining God’s Word – Psalm 98

First, see Joel’s post here.


In the Mail, Gorgeous from Gorgias

I would like to thank the kind folks at Gorgias press for this review copy, If, as Origen believed, humanity’s