In the Mail: German Edition

I want to thank the kind folks in the fine German publishing house, Mohr Siebeck for these free review copies.

Society and Religion

St Thérèse: the politics behind the relics

In his blog post on the visit of the relics of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux to the UK this month,

Society and Religion

Venezuela folk religion seen in secretive rituals

Thousands of Venezuelans congregated for candlelit rituals on a remote mountainside where adherents make an annual pilgrimage to pay homage


Glo Bible: The Review Is Forthcoming

Biblioblogosphere beware! I will be reviewing and thus introducing the newest bible study software platform shortly.

God's Word

More on Approval in God’s Word to the Nations

Reading through the GWN, I have find several good points, but there is one which is sticks out. δικαιόω, along


The Rapture will take place in 2012

I would seriously be scared, you know, if I didn’t know what the bible says, didn’t have common sense, and