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She is home – One final picture

I had to share one more picture with you all…

Society and Religion

Turkey, Armenia Sign Historic Accord

This is important to me for various reasons. First, although I am not Armenian, I feel that the genocide which

Society and Religion

Conservative Episcopalians Prepare for their Exodus

The people of St. Luke’s Anglican Church have called their La Crescenta parish home for 85 years. Generations of families


Review: Christian America and the Kingdom of God (Final)

Note, this is the completed review, from the series. It is a housekeeping effort, but if you haven’t read either


How to move your congregation from the KJV to a ‘better translation’?

Fr. Stephen shared this video today, and how important it is. I am not sure if Piper has ever heard


NLT Mosaic Blog Tour 10/9 – Nick Norelli

When I was invited to participate in the Mosaic Bible project, I was thrilled and honoured.  With the vast number