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Baby Videos!

Kinda ready for the baby to come home! Baby and Mommy are still in hospital, but will be home tomorrow.

Religion and Politics

Just How Far Do You Want to go with this Christian Nation thing?

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onHkywYc_1M Proposing a change to the Constitution to reflect the myth of the Christian nation is nothing new. It started


Myths and urban legends about John Calvin

I must admit, I have some preconceived notions of Calvin(ism) myself. Myth No.1: John Calvin was a sour puss. Martin

Religion and Politics

American Civil Religion and Idolatry

Because I don’t want the painting displayed on my homepage, I’m going to post it under the fold:   When


Interview: Richard Hughes, Christian America and the Kingdom of God

Below is an interview conducted this week with the author of Christan America and the Kingdom of God: Professor Hughes,


Christian America and the Kingdom of God (Chapter 5)

In the fifth and final chapter, Hughes culminates his vision of a Christian America and his retelling of the history

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Where is my Nobel? If Obama gets one, I want one (Updated)

UPDATED: I don’t go into pure politics on this blog, but my goodness, this is just stupid worrisome: President Obama


Friday’s Question of the Day: What Makes Someone a Heretic?

It’s not so much tossed around as it once were, but tell me, what makes someone a heretic of the